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Retirement health care costs are skyrocketing.
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Health care is one of the greatest expenses your clients face in retirement,
and costs are expected to increase due to inflation and age-adjusted rates.1

Projected cost of health care
premiums in retirement for a
healthy 65–year–old couple2

Employees who are currently not
saving at all for retirement health
care costs 3

Expected annual increase rate of
health care cost inflation, twice that
of Social Security COLAs 4

But there is hope. Boost your retirement knowledge, put notable trends on your clients' radar–and even deliver the very tools they need to help estimate potential retirement health care costs with ADP retirement services. You’ll feel like a superhero in no time.

Your heroic journey starts here.

Download the must–read white paper to:

•  Find out what savings may be required to fund medicalexpenses
•  Get the low-down on health savings accounts (HSAs)
•  Understand the ins and outs of financial skills building

Helping your clients create a health care nest egg for retirement

Retirement isn’t out of reach for your clients' employees yet. Help them build a brighter tomorrow, today, by offering access to our retirement services and tools, including:

Easy enrollment anytime, anywhere. ADP has one of the best–in–class ADP mobile app and online dashboard make it simple to enroll, update, and access 401(k) plans.

Painless projection of health care costs. ADP's Retirement Health Care Costs Projector makes it easy to understand how health care costs may affect retirement savings.5

A comprehensive suite of tools, calculators and financial wellness information to help employees meet life’s financial challenges.

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5. The Retirement Health Care Costs Projector (RHCCP) is the property of HealthView Services, Inc. and is provided for educational purposes only. Cost projections and other information generated by the RHCCP are estimates, hypothetical in nature, dependent upon the quality of input data as well as certain assumptions, and are not guarantees of future results. Actual health care costs will likely vary (sometimes significantly) from the estimate. ADP cannot guarantee or assure a plan participant’s ability to meet any of their goals or that any hypothetical results actually will occur; has not verified or confirmed the accuracy of these guidelines, assumptions or estimated costs; and does not provide health care advice, products or services. Nothing expressly contained or implied on ADP’s participant website or in any RHCCP estimate is intended or shall be construed as medical or other professional advice by ADP. For specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, participants should contact their personal physician. Participants should consult with their tax advisor or financial professional and not rely on the RHCCP as the primary basis for their investment, financial, or tax planning decisions.

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